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*I do not promote nor glorify the idea of self harm of any form or manner.*
If you send me a non-anon message, I will reply privately unless you state you want it to be published.

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i’m literally coming to the realization that i’m not close to anybody anymore and it sucks


My photo and edit. Please leave this credit. Thank you!


pro ana and thinspo blogs are harmful and dangerous. 

end of story

no exceptions

i don’t care if you don’t post tips

i don’t care if you have a disclaimer

its triggering and dangerous to both yourself and other people. 


9783) I just can´t eat in front of my friends. Or, at least, I eat very little. They always comment about my “self control and discipline” and it makes me so angry. I do not look like I eat disciplined and you know that! It´s not making it any better if you´re constantly looking at what I am eating!


you don’t get to break somebody’s heart and still say you care about them

I have ruined relationships for fear of ruining those relationships. - Neil Hilborn (via paper-swan)